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Affiliate program

Are you looking for an alternative way to make money? Do you like casino games? Or maybe you run a website or a blog where you would like to promote proven brands and attractive solutions? If the answer is yes, the Lapalingo.com affiliate program is a solution also for you. Join today and we will share with you the profits for every player who joins our community thanks to you. Contribute to our mutual success!

How does the Lapalingo.com affiliate program work?

The rules are very simple. You promote us in a form preferred by you, using your unique link. An interested person clicks the link, registers at Lapalingo.com and pays the first deposit. And we share with you a certain percentage of monthly profits that we gained from players invited by you.

It is only up to you how much you get involved in promoting Lapalingo.com and, consequently, how much you earn.

The Lapalingo.com affiliate program means:

  • no commitments and costs for the participants — joining the Lapalingo.com affiliate program, as well as participation therein is free of any charges and entails no commitments. You can resign at any time, within 1 month;

  • plenty of materials which will help you in promotion - banner ads, unique links for recommendations and other promotional elements devised by professionals, which will help you easily reach a wide range of potential users of Lapalingo.com;

  • transparent rules of settlements — we try our best to make our partnership transparent and based upon clear rules. You always know the amount and source of your profit.

How to promote Lapalingo.com in order to profit?

There are multiple forms of online promotion. You are the one to choose the most convenient solution. Following registration, you receive from us a unique link that will be promoted by you. It informs us that a new user has been acquired thanks to your recommendation. You can do this by:

  • embedding a banner ad with information about Lapalingo.com;

  • inserting the link into a blog article;

  • promoting us in social networks;

  • distributing cards with promotional codes to Lapalingo.com.

Remember that you can select more than one method of promotion.

How much do you earn by promoting Lapalingo.com?

Everything depends upon your situation and disposition, as well as involvement. Fill in a simple form to register and check all available options. You can be sure that we have prepared for you fair terms of cooperation and a transparent withdrawal system.

Let’s achieve a success together. Join our affiliate program now and find out how much you can benefit from cooperating with Lapalingo.com. Open the door to our top-notch entertainment for others and, at the same time, profit yourself.

If you have any questions — contact us. Register today without any commitments and take advantage of the multiple opportunities we offer!

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