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rtp 1,00-2,00%
min bet €1.00
max bet €1.00
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Archangels Salvation - best slots in online casino Lapalingo

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Return to player (RTP) 96,08%
Minimum bet €0.40
Maximum bet €200.00
Win lines 100

Archangels: Salvation - the ultimate NetEnt Video Slot

Buckle up for a new dose of excitement with the latest offer from NetEnt - Archangels: Salvation. It is the first game in NetEnt history to have 100 bet lines. The game has an additional highlight: two separate hot spot areas. Any Wild symbol landing in those areas will activate one of the two Wild Features. The impressive 3D graphics on top of that will create a highly explosive combination of fun and excitement. This 6-reel, 12-row video slot with Free Spins, Wild substitutions, and 2 Wild Features that add even more to the game is sure to be a big hit.

Game Theme and Graphics

Join the everlasting battle between the Good and the Evil in NetEnt's latest video slot. The great forces have waged war against each other for thousands of years, and have reached a peak in this video slot. The clash unfolds in the main game and intensifies in the Free Spins. Press Spin and be the one to witness the outcome of the wars to come.

Choose your stakes and fight alongside good and evil. You can wager between 40Cent and € 200 and choose between 10 levels and different coin levels.

Hot Spot Areas

There are 2 separate hot spot areas in the game. The first consists of the top 2 rows of the game area, and the second consists of the bottom 2 rows of the game area. In Free Spins, both hot spot areas are increased to 3 rows. Each of the areas has its own Wild Feature. The top hot spot area activates the Heaven Feature, the bottom hot spot area - the Hell Feature. If the 2x2 Wild lands on the reels so that any of its part is in the hot spot area, the respective Wild Feature is activated. The Wild Feature is activated for each position on the reels that is occupied by the 2x2 Wild. For example, if the 2x2 Wild lands completely in the hot spot area, the feature is activated 4 times. The feature can be reactivated again if either a stack of Wild symbols (or its part) or a singleton Wild symbol lands in the hot spot area again. Either 1 stack of Wild symbols or 4 singleton Wild symbols are generated for each Wild symbol in the hot spot area. The same feature cannot be activated 2 times in a row. Only 1 feature can be active at a time. For example, if the Hell Feature was activated at first, then the next to be reactivated will be the Heaven Feature. There can only be 2 types of Wild symbols present on the reels during the features: singleton Wild symbols and stacks of Wild symbols. The features end when either no new Wild symbols land in the hot spot areas or when the Wild symbol has no free position to land on the reels. The win from the Wild Features is evaluated and paid out after the features have been played. Wild Feature wins are added to any bet line wins.

Heaven Feature

The Heaven Feature is activated, when a 2x2 Wild symbol lands fully or partially in the top hot spot area. If the 2x2 Wild lands partially in the hot spot area, 2 stacks of Wild symbols are generated. If the 2x2 Wild symbol lands fully, 4 stacks of Wild symbols are generated. The length of the stacks of Wild symbols varies from 3 to 5 symbols. The stacks of Wild symbols can fully cover Scatter symbols, singleton Wild symbols and fully/partially smaller stacks of Wild symbols. The stacks of Wild symbols cannot land in the top hot spot area.

Hell Feature

The Hell Feature is activated, when a 2x2 Wild symbol lands fully or partially in the bottom hot spot area. Should this happen, the hell area starts shooting singleton Wild symbols that land randomly on the reels. Singleton Wild symbols cannot land on top of Scatter and other Wild symbols, and in the bottom hot spot area. The number of Wild symbols shot is either 8 or 16, depending on whetherthe Wild symbol landed partially or fully in the hot spot area.

Free Spins

3 or more stacked Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels activate Free Spins. The Scatter symbols are 2-stacked, meaning they occupy 2 positions on the reels. Each stack of Scatters counts as one symbol, even though it occupies 2 positions on the reels. If only a part of the stack is visible, it will still count as a whole Scatter symbol. If the Scatter symbol is covered with a stack of Wild symbols, the Scatter symbol will still activate Free Spins. If Free Spins and Wild Features are activated at the same time, Wild Features are played first. 3, 4, 5, and 6 Scatters symbols award 10, 15, 20, and 25 Free Spins respectively.

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