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18 Apr 2018

Slot machines are a great deal of fun. Everything from the clicking of the reels to the anticipation is thrilling, which is why many people flock towards slot machines at their local casinos. But what if you could play this game without stepping out of your home? Several websites have popped up in the recent years and they promise to offer similar experiences. Many people are skeptical about these internet-based games and hesitant to try because they don’t know much about it. Here’s a detailed introduction to how online version of this system works:

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Internet slot machines - Development

Most slot machine websites don’t develop their own games. They hire third-party gaming development companies with experience in this field to create unique online slots. All systems are similar in operation and framework. The design might vary slightly from one website to another, but the basic mechanism of how it works remains the same.

Some slots have extras and interesting features, all designed to enhance the gaming experience. Some of the most successful and trusted internet game developers are Microgaming, NextGen, NetEnt, and WMS. You will find products designed by them on almost every online casino.

How do these machines work?

All online slots are controlled by something called the Random Number Generator. This computer generates numbers randomly and has no inbuilt memory, which ensures every session is unique. The slots won’t slip into patterns and will generate unrelated series of numbers every time you click on the play button. Your previous successes and failures have no impact on your chances in the current turn. For example, if you won a jackpot on your last play, your current play won’t be affected by the result. The game doesn’t recognize any sort of pattern and consistency.

How does RNG work?

Numbers are generated with the help of complex algorithms and mathematical calculations. The computer produces a random number in milliseconds after you hit the trigger button and will produce a unique number every time you play. Nothing is pre-programmed or designed to produce specific results. You’re just as likely to win in online slots as you are in regular slot machine games. These games aren’t designed to favor the house, so to speak.

The system starts generating hundreds of numbers every second the moment the spin is initiated. When you click the mouse, the machine will come to rest on one of them. Your results depend entirely on how you trigger the reels.

The number set generated depends entirely on the type of game you use. For example, if you use a three-reel machine, the RNG will generate a different collection of numbers for every reel, completely independent of each other. If the reels happen to match and you win a jackpot, you’re lucky.

Authenticity of the system

Legitimate gambling sites can’t just use any random slot game software. They only use legitimate RNG programs that have been thoroughly tested and approved by Technical Systems Testing to ensure the numbers generated are truly random. The sites need to follow regulations and guidelines laid down by the authorities in this field and there’s no room for mistakes.

Approved software ensures all gameplay is fair and people aren’t cheated out of their money. You just need to make sure you gamble on an approved and authorized website. Illegitimate websites are more likely to use systems without the RNG, which can lead to unfair practices.

types of slots

Types of slots

While all slots have the same basic framework and are based on RNG, they do offer different gameplay options. You aren't forced to play the same type of slot machines all the time and can switch based on your mood. Here’s a brief look at different kinds of options available online:

  • Three-reel slots – This is the easiest slot game and excellent for beginners. There are three reels with different symbols, and the play is relatively low-risk. These types of programs include a single pay line.
  • Multiple reel slots – These machines have five reels with different symbols. They are well-designed with attractive graphics and animations. That helps enhance the overall gaming experience. Five-reel systems are also popular and are commonly found in almost all online casinos. These machines include multiple pay lines.
  • Bonus slot game – This game includes a random bonus on active pay lines, which can help increase the chances of winning. Bonus games are popular with seasoned online players.
  • Free spins slot game – Free spin games are popular because many gamers believe they are loose and offer the better chances of winning big. Players get free spins on a pay line when they land a particular combination of symbols on the slot.
  • X of Y bonus slots – Players land bonus spins after they’ve reached a specific number of a chosen symbol over their gameplay period. The bonus isn’t dependent on the position of the reels, but on how many times a particular symbol appears on it. This machine provides different levels of gameplay to keep things interesting.
  • Multi-level bonus – This particular slot game offers different levels of play, which the risks and rewards increasing with every level. You need to complete every level successfully to get to the next one in the series.
  • Progressive jackpot – This is one of the most popular online slot games because there’s a chance to win big. Jackpots can easily reach several hundred thousand dollars. This game is specifically designed for gamblers willing to bet a large amount of money. The system is linked to different machines, casinos, websites, etc, so the payout can be generous.

These online slot machines are versatile and secure. They are secure and will always deliver random results. Casino or website owners can’t tamper with the system and all alterations happen under the supervision of the Gaming Commission. This ensures everything is fair and websites follow established rules. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t play slots online. They offer the same experience and are secure systems, so you don’t have to make a trip to your local casino every time you want to play.

Download PDF Infographic - How online slots work

Download PDF Infographic - Types of online slots



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